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A place where I tell you all of my feelings about things I have feelings about.

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Aussie, 22. Acolyte. Wants a moustache. Perpertually confused. Doctor Who, Elementary, Common Law, The Avengers, Avatar The Last Airbender, Sherlock Holmes, Fringe, Sanctuary, Downton Abbey, White Collar, Suits, Star Trek, Supernatural, and Tarantino. I like Merlin but I'm too lazy to catch up at the moment. Everything is gay angels. AFL: Pies, Tigers NRL: Rabbitohs. I like hats and apples. Seven is my Doctor. Romana is my favourite companion. Calthazar is my OTP to end all OTP's. Doctor/Romana makes me feel all of the feelings. I like crack ships. If someone says something that I think is uncalled for against one of my babies (especially companions or the yarders) I will behave like a mama duck protecting her ducklings.
Sometimes I want to say words but I forget what they are. I have the attention span of a gnat. The greatest accomplishment of my life is a gif of John Watson scanning a head of lettuce.
I'm convinced that Stocki and Moser from Inspector Rex were in a not-so-secret gay relationship.
alex kingston, amanda tapping, amy pond, angelcest, anna smith, anna torv, astrid farnsworth, barbara gordon, barbara wright, benji dunn, birds of prey, black widow, buffy the vampire slayer, calthazar, cate blanchett, catherine tate, charlize theron, christopher eccleston, collingwood magpies, cordelia chase, data, dinah lance, doctor who, dodo chaplet, donna noble, downton abbey, drusilla, ducks, edith crawley, eighth doctor, eleventh doctor, ethan hunt, femslash, fifth doctor, first doctor, fourth doctor, fringe, gabriel macht, gay angels, ghost protocol, harry sullivan, harvey specter, hats, hawkeye, helen magnus, ian chesterton, isobel crawley, jacobi master, jamie mccrimmon, jane carter, jasika nicole, jeremy renner, jo grant, jody mills, john bates, jonathan creek, kamelion, lalla ward, leela, liz shaw, martha jones, mary tamm, matt smith, mel bush, melanie bush, merlin, mission impossible, narcissa malfoy, ninth doctor, nyssa, olivia dunham, paula patton, peri brown, peter burke, peter davison, polivia, richmond tigers, river song, robin dunne, romana, romana i, romana ii, romanadvoratrelundar, rory williams, rupert giles, sam carter, samantha carter, sanctuary, sarah jane smith, sarah sutton, scarlett johansson, sean hughes, sebastian roche, sebisha, second doctor, seventh doctor, sheriff mills, sherlock, sherlock holmes, simon pegg, sixth doctor, slash, slytherin, south sydney rabbitohs, star trek next gen, star trek tng, star trek tos, stargate sg-1, steven taylor, suits, supernatural, susan foreman, sylvester mccoy, tegan jovanka, tennis, tenth doctor, the doctor, the last detective, the next generation, third doctor, tim dekay, tom cruise, vicki pallister, vislor turlough, white collar, whitechapel, will zimmerman, william brandt, willow rosenberg, wincest